WolfspeerWolfspeer the hunter and Rham Aldeab, a Palestinnian archaeologist, are on a journey ten thousand years apart, destined by faith to make a connection. In Jerusalem, in the year 2020, can the mystery that joins them intervene as climate change once again grips the world?

Wolfspeer — signs, visions, and a thread of hope leading to the future.

"The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."
Albert Einstein quoted by Hugh Mackay in The Turning Point, pp229-230.

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Ringing the Changes

Blue RiderOver more than thirty years, Richard Falkinger has grappled with the complexities of restoring heritage architecture. Some of his most prominent projects are fearured in this book—St Patrick' Cathedral, Melbourne, Cardinal Knox' baroque church in Rome, Chiesa Nuova, the chapel at Newman College, Melbourne, St Mary' Cathedral, Sale, St Frnacis' Church, Melbourne, and St Patrick' Cathedral, Ballarat. Most recently, he is working on a major restoration at St Paul' Anglican Cathedral, Melbourne.

This is a book that documents important changes in the life of the church. It is fascinating in its detail—heritage evaluations, work proposals, working drawings, expert assessments of projects, all illuminated with photos and drawings. Each of the projects presented has a litugical overview which assesses its success in the light of liturgical reform. It introduces readers to a number of significant Australian churches, and to the issues faced when liturgical change is to be implemented. It is made all the richer by Falkinger' personal style in recounting the history of each of these projects.

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The Sirmione Agreement

Sirmione AgreementArchitectural historian Franz Haller has an appointment with Cardinal Stockhausen in Rome. He is to supervise a restoration project at the Cardinals' church.

Before returning to Australia he takes a holiday in Sirmione, the ancient place on the southern shore of Lake Garda. It is an island steeped in the history of the great Roman poet Catullus whose family owned a villa there. He meets Esther and they fall in love.

Franz and Esther's happiness makes them unaware of gathering clouds as they become involved in a plot to kill the Archbishop of Sydney. These events take place at a time when the Catholic Church is still seeking forgiveness from the community for the sex scandals that happened to people their care over many years.

Author Richard Falkinger explains: 'I was privileged to work for the Catholic Church from 1970 into the 1990s. I was there in the 1980s at the time of the first public revelations of sexual abuse within the church. Years later I learned a lot about the false accusations made against Cardinal George Pell, and that gave me the idea for this novel. I wanted to give readers a story that presented the complexities of such cases, that shows how any one of them may not necessarily be what it seems, nor that the outcome is always just or fair. I particularly wanted to tell a story of forgiveness and compassion for those people who are involved, whether as victim or perpetrator.'

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The Blue Rider

Blue RiderThe Blue Rider is a story of our times. Its events span a backdrop from early nineteenth century Europe, through the misery of wartime Germany, to the political and social developments of post-war Australia and on the world scene. The tale of Anton von Hallstein reflects the sadness and joy, the humour and the beauty, that he finds as he embraces life to the fullest. His love of architecture, music and film complements a growing appreciation of the value and complexities of friendship, love and the cost of success.

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If you are interested 'Ringing the Changes' and 'Sirmione Agreement' are available through the Publisher David Lovell. Copies of 'The Blue Rider' are available from the author, Richard Falkinger.